Mobility Plus

Servicing & Repairs

The constant wear and tear of daily use on your wheelchair, home equipment or vehicle modifications can take its toll over time and downtime with your assistive technologies and equipment can be stressful.

That’s where our dedicated team steps in, and why Australian Made matters. Our on-site manufacturing and service technicians will keep you confident in the long term use of your equipment and with a vast array of parts and serviceable items on hand, we aim to keep you mobile with as little downtime as possible.

Sometimes with equipment, the problem may not be apparent. Our team of technicians have a range of skills covering; metal fabrication, welding, assembly, upholstery and general repairs you can be assured we will develop the solution.

Our team understands not all equipment can be brought in, that’s when we work with you to implement an off-site service, assessment or pickup to suit the situation.