Mobility Plus

    Wedge (MASS)

    Ridged and adjustable for the perfect balance.

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    The Wedge is a rigid-frame wheelchair, which makes it lighter and more manoeuvrable than any folding wheelchair. This makes for a responsive feel when pushing, and cuts down on maintenance while improving durability.  Whilst the Wedge is fully custom-made to the measurements of the individual user, the frame is still multi-adjustable to fine-tune for seating position and lifestyle requirements. Making it perfect for new and experienced wheelchair users.


    Product Features.
    • Padded Dacron backrest with adjustable seat tension
    • Alloy footrest with adjustable depth and angle
    • Rear wheel multi-position axle fitting with three-way adjustment
    • A huge range of finish colours in durable powder-coated polyester
    • Available in titanium