Mobility Plus

Speedy Bike

The original wheelchair handbike attachment.


Developed in 1994 by Speedy. The classic model has been continually improved over two decades and has proven itself in everyday use by thousands. The Speedy Bike is a robust wheelchair attachment for adult riders.

The 8-speed gearshift and backpedal brakes translates directly from a traditional bike into this classic handcycle attachment. The Speedy Bike is steered and powered by the hand pedals, and the adjustable steering damper prevents unwanted movement.


Weight: approx. 13 kg

Recommended Maximum speed: 12 km/h

Towing capacity: max. 120 kg

Wheel sizes: 20 inch, 26 inch

Frame/equipment: St37 steel powder coated in RAL colour, standard, reinforced or lengthened frame, driving pinion with 18-23 teeth, kink protection system for Bowden cables, automatic lift system (stainless steel), infinitely variable steering dampers, completely sealed chain guard, frame integrated chain tensioner, stand, bell, trip computer

Cranks: straight cranks 170 – 110 mm pitch circle, V cranks 170 mm

Handles: horizontal handles, ergonomic handles (optionally with back of hand support, lower arm support or wrist support), Tetra 4 handles

Tyres: Schwalbe Marathon plus 20 x 1.75 | Schwalbe Black Jack 20 x 1.90 | Schwalbe・Marathon・plus・26・x・1

Gear/brake system: Shimano 8 speed hub gear with backpedal brakes: Twist-grip gears | grid gears | chin gears | mountain drive gears (2.5x reduction ratio)

Optional equipment: LED lighting, Teflon tube chain casing, luggage rack, Ortlieb pannier bags, tandem handle horizontal or at an angle (not with chin gears), leg support, exercise bike, manoeuvring system