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Romedic Transfer Products

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Romedic have a wide range of transfer products ranging from simple turntables and slide boards to non-slip belts and stretchers.

Romedic Transfer Belts:  These belts have horizontal and vertical handles attached for supported assistance with standing, sitting, walking or side transfers. There are two types; the Easybelt when frequent washing between uses is required, and the Flexibelt which is a soft fabric with grips.
Each belt has the following features:
Non-slip interior surfaces to stop belts moving during use.
Easy to fit, remove and adjust
Can be washed at temperatures up to 70° C and cool tumble dried
There are three sizes available.

Romedic Stretchers are useful for turning patients in bed or transferring on or off beds. Flat-lying lifts to transport a patient are also possible. They come in four sizes and have water repellent silicon-treated nylon fabric to protect them.
Romedic Transfer Slides are available in five sizes and are material tubes that slide on themselves and facilitate easy movement of a prone or seated person for such applications as turning in bed or on an operating table, transferring to and from a wheelchair or vehicle, or simply moving up or down a bed.  They are made from either cotton or nylon and are easy-care with washing up to 60° C and spin dry. They are soft enough to be placed permanently beneath a patient or easily taken away.

Romedic Easy Glide Transfer Board is a conventional, hard, slide-board that bridges the gap between two surfaces to enable easy transfer of the person with disabilities. The Easy Glide Board is often used with a transfer belt or sling and comes in two lengths: 60cm and 75cm.
Romedic Transfer Turntable is used when a person can weight-bear and stand on their feet but cannot turn. For maximum support and safety, the turntable is best used with a transfer belt or sling. The turntable is very light and has an integrated handle for easy placement in position on the floor or storage.  For the greatest possible safety, each surface of the turntable is applied with anti-slip tape.