Mobility Plus

Guldmann Ceiling Hoists

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At Mobility Plus, our prime objective is to provide safe, comfortable and efficient ways to lift, move and position people in different environments. This ensures that care-givers and family members get more time to provide all-important personal care.

A lifting system of this kind, mounted on the ceiling, with the mechanical and moving parts discreetly out of the way, can reach any part of the room.
With the unique Guldmann built-in power source for constant re-charging and always-on capability, you save time, as everything needed for effective lifting and moving is always in place, ready to go.  The result is more time for the care that really counts.

Guldmann ceiling hoists have smooth, jerk-free starts and stops, with prompt response from the easy-to-use hand control, which has a dual speed feature when not under load.  We, at Mobility Plus, believe that Guldmann, with its sophisticated built-in safety systems, which include emergency stop and lowering, is one of the safest lifts in the world.The benefits also extend to the care-giver with documented reductions in stress, strain and injury.  Guldmann ceiling hoists save space, save time and make life easier and safer for everybody.

Guldmann has a variety of lifting engine modules with capabilities from 200 to 455 kilograms.  The ceiling-mounted rails are all modular as well, making for smooth, almost silent gliding, providing the passenger with the feeling of a safe, secure ride.
Guldmann have a number of different slings ranging from upright walking, to sitting or full horizontal, stable lift, so that the perfect comfort and support for each individual can be found.