Mobility Plus

Freddy (MASS)

A manoeuvrable and adjustable wheelchair sub-frame for use with the SOFIE seating system.

For further details on inclusions and pricing under MASS, please contact us.


The extremely compact dimensions make FREDDY a particularly manoeuvrable sub-frame wheel chair base great for outdoor use.

  • Tilt in space
  • Stroller style height adjustable push handle
  • Available in four sizes with a large range of options and accessories for individually tailored solutions
  • Adjustable centre of gravity & seat height
  • Short wheel base allows maximum space for foot supports
  • Large wheels for extra manoeuvrability & outdoor use
  • Quick release rear wheels & drum brakes

Optional Extras.

  • Foot tilt lever
  • Anti tip bar


For combined use with the SOFIE Seating System.

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