Mobility Plus

Carony Go

The Carony Classic with Power to GO. No more multiple transfers.


The Carony Go transforms the car seat into a wheelchair, without needing any manual handling effort from the user.

It’s ideal for people who need an accessible vehicle without needing a specialized wheelchair.

And the only difference from the Carony Classic is that the Carony Go is a powered version.

Product Operation:

After the base docks into the swivel seat of vehicle, the entire seat easily slides from the car onto the wheelchair base.

During the whole process of transferring in and out of the vehicle, the occupant remains in the seat.

Features also include an easy to use joystick used to operate the wheelchair.

Product Highlights:

It can do a full turn on the spot in order to increase manoeuvrability around tight spaces.

Customer can fold down the handle in order to put the wheelchair in a table setting position.

There are also 3 seating options for the wheelchair, in order to suit the occupant’s need.

This system is the alternative to modifying the vehicle for wheelchair access where the wheelchair occupant does not need a specialized wheelchair.

  • Occupant remains in the seat when transferring in and out of the vehicle
  • Can be used as a normal power wheelchair
  • Left or Right side joysticks available
  • Suitable for both children and adults
  • Max speed of 6.5 km/h
  • Max range of 25km on full charge
  • Wheelchair base can be adjusted in height electrically
  • Option of footrests to suit the occupants needs
  • Fire resistant seats
  • Crash tested and approved to ISO 7176 and ISO 10542 and CE marked