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    • Seating Solutions 6 Way Swivel Seat

      Making internal access and transfers easy.


      The 6-way swivel seat is the perfect setup for internal van transfers. The 6-way electronic position controls and adjustments, combined with a 140°rotation allows for secure transfers to either the driver or passenger seat.



      • Driver or passenger options
      • Easy to use
      • Stable and smooth movement
      • Can be used with your  vehicle’s original seats
      • Crash test approved
    • Chairs Mobility (Trec) Supporter

      Secure and stable seating support for your car.

      Whether you call it a trec, track or trax supporter, the mobility supporter offers secure lateral stability while combined with your cars standard seatbelts. With a series of adjustable belts and straps, the mobility supporter can be made in a range of sizes to suit your needs.

    • Seating Solutions Turny EVO

      Vehicle access and transfers simplified.

      The Turney EVO allows for easy access in and out of your vehicle. Simple to control and once programmed, the seat will automatically swivel, turn and lower you to your prefered access point.

      Its unique design allows the internal footprint to be minimal and in conjunction with a low profile seat, you can optimise the head and leg room inside your car as well.


      • Easy to use
      • Fully programmable
      • Crash tested and CE marked
      • Footrest for easier transfers

    Showing all 3 results