Self-Drive System

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    • Forward, backwards, up and down movement
    • 140 degree rotation
    • Easy to use toggle switches
    • Ability to install the vehicles original seat onto the base
    • Complete stability inside the vehicle
    • Footrest available as an option
    • Crash test approved in all driving positions
    • Available for both the driver and passenger seating positions
  • • Crash test certified in accordance with ISO 10542.
    • Cycle tested.
    • Stylish modern design, available in different colours to match vehicle interiors.
    • Makes driving safe and comfortable.
    • Easy 8-way adjustable backrest.
    • Adjustable head rest.
    • Pre-formed headrest for use with headrest control systems.
    • Optional arm rest.
    • Optional lower back support.
    • Optional headrest extension.
    • Manual release function.
    • Can be used together with Lokk Up or other existing docking devices available on the market.
    • USA patented
    The Bakk Flip moves into position at the touch of a button

  • • The Lokk Up can be used by a driver or passenger.
    • Crash test certified in accordance with ISO 10542.
    • Cycle tested.
    • Safely secures the wheel chair at “Four Points”.
    • Easy to install.
    • Modern sleek design.
    • Innovative lift up feature improves visibility and ride comfort.
    • Developed in collaboration with safety engineers from the automotive industry.
    • Manual release function.
    • Can be used for a driver or passenger.
    The Lokk Up is mounted flat on the floor and moves up and secures the wheelchair bracket at 4 points.

  • • It is a universal wheelchair lock.

    • Wire harness

    • Switch button

    • Light to indicate when is locked or unlocked

    • Emergency release available

    • Tested with a 140 Kg power wheelchair in a 20G Dynamic test

    • It has also been tested according to International Standards (ISO).

Showing all 4 results