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  • • Adjustable seat depth, backrest height & footrest length
    • Fully foldable with lightweight alloy frame
    • 5 point harness
    • Weight capacity up to 75 kg – sizes 38 & 42cm
    • Solid wheels
    • Accessories include headrest, side laterals, abductor block,hood, rain cover, tray etc

  • Paediatric Equipment Finn

    • Quick release rear wheels with drum brake
    • 6”front castors
    • Height adjustable stroller style push handle
    • Tilt in space
    • An interface plate allows a seating system to be removed for use with hi-lo & other bases
    • Anti tip bar

  • Paediatric Equipment Franka

    • Height adjustment of 37cm
    • Tilt in space
    • Maximum load of up to 75kg for the largest size
    • Possibility of mounting a seat with a depth as small as 12cm
    • Choice of push handles
    • Anti tip bar
    • Trigger lever placement

  • Paediatric Equipment Freddy

    • Tilt in space
    • Stroller style height adjustable push handle
    • Available in four sizes with a large range of options and accessories for individually tailored solutions
    • Adjustable centre of gravity & seat height
    • Short wheel base allows maximum space for foot supports
    • Large wheels for extra manoeuvrability & outdoor use
    • Quick release rear wheels & drum brakes
    • Foot tilt lever
    • Anti tip bar

  • • Tilt in space
    • Can be used with different seating systems via an interface plate
    • Choice of push handles
    • Central parking brake for rear castors

  • • Angle adjustable footplate & solid wheels
    • Fully reclining backrest and angle/height adjustable footrest
    • Available in 2 sizes
    • Height adjustable push handle
    • Headrest, sunshade, basket
    • 5 point belt

  • Paediatric Equipment Madita

    • Adjustable armrests, foot bench, push handles, standard seat & back cushions
    • Hi-lo function – 12cm range
    • Adjustable seat width, depth & angle
    • Height adjustable backrest
    • Removable backrest, different headrests, swing away side supports, thigh guides, pommel, individual adjustable footrests, tray table, harnesses etc

  • • Height, width & angle adjustable armrests, foot bench, push handle, standard seat pad, four 75mm castors (2 locking), tilt, back recline, height adjustable backrest, adjustable seat width and depth
    • It has an easy-to-use foot pedal height adjustment, and the cantilevered base allows for maximum range of motion – 37cm
    • A large range of accessories are available including: thoughtfully designed swing-away side supports (which are padded and upholstered on the back, so tender little arms are protected). Removable backrest, different headrests, thigh guides, pommel, individual adjustable footrests, tray table, harnesses etc

  • • Push handle & adjustable height, width & angle armrests
    • Thigh supports
    • The Hi-lo function, which is supported by 2 gas struts is operated via a foot pedal
    • Choice of headrests
    • Therapy table
    • Reinforced side lateral supports
    • The extended wheelbase and increase in frame strength allows for a weight capacity of 120kgs

  • • Easily adjustable seat depth and width
    • Push handle
    • Adjustable back angle & height
    • Height, width and angle adjustable armrests
    • Removable back rest
    • Adjustable abducting leg guides
    • Choice of headrests, seat & back cushions, pommel, swing away side supports
    • Adjustable pelvic guide, harnesses etc

  • Paediatric Equipment Tom 4

    • Seat-unit is detachable, reversible and fully size and position adjustable
    • Includes easy attachment for accessories & supports
    • Stroller can be folded even with the seat unit attached
    • Horizontal positioning
    • Height adjustable backrest, depth adjustable seat
    • Tilt in space
    • Crash tested
    • Hood, rain cover, headrest, side supports, basket etc

  • Paediatric Equipment Tom 5

    • Available in 3 sizes
    • Full aluminium seat-unit is detachable, reversible & size and position adjustable
    • Tilt in space and back recline
    • Fully reclining backrest
    • Angle & height adjustable footrest
    • Hood, rain cover, headrest, side supports, pommel etc

Showing all 12 results