Mobility Plus

    Pool Access

    Pool Hoists Range and Change Rooms.


    Mobility Plus has a wide variety of options when it comes to pool access and solutions both for home as well as commercial environments. Our range includes change room solutions to portable and fixed lifts and hoists for independent or attendant guided access.


    For the full range of products and services offered or to discuss a tailored solution for your needs, please contact our team on 13000 11000

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    • Home iSwim Range

      The iSwim is a sleek and modern pool access unit available as attendant operated (iSwim) or user operated (iSwim 2) unit. The range has a lifting capacity of 136Kg with the iSwim 2 adding not only user operated controls but additional height clearance for pool edges. The iSwims portability and unique brake stabilisation system makes it an excellent option for commercial and residential applications.

    • Home Kingfisher

      An Australian made pool lift the Kingfisher’s small footprint allows for installation in where space is a premium.
      The floating hand control unit allows for safe and straightforward operation.



      • Compact design
      • Protective cover
      • User operated control
      • Lap belt
      • Lift up armrests
    • Home Scout 2

      The Scout pool hoist is a powered, remote controlled pool access unit that can be operated by the user or an attendant. The design utilises a minimal anchoring sleeve that also allows the unit to be detached and moved for storage. The Scout 2’s 360-degree rotating arm and 170kg lifting capacity make it an excellent solution for home or commercial environments.


      Optional Extras include:

      • Hoist Cover
      • Headrest
      • Leg Rest
      • Chest strap
      • Cycle attachment
      • Lift and Trolly System

    Showing all 3 results