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    • Hoists Emu Floor Hoist

      The Emu Hoist features a flip-up footplate and knee-pad for rehabilitation standing or walking. The dual handle that the passenger can hold on to and the specialized slings provide very effective transfer lifts.
      Special accessories include leg and butt straps, full support sling and transporter or toilet seats.
      The rectangular steering handle is a safe and positive control for quick response.

    • Hoists Flex Lift Hoist
      • Lightweight metal frame
      • Picks up from the floor with a lifting range of 116cm
      • Frame folds for easy storing when not in use
      • Assembled and disassembled without the use of tools
      • Can be easily carried by one person
      • Lockable castors
      • Easy carried in 2 bags – 13kg & 14kg
    • Hoists Guldmann Ceiling Hoists

      Guldmann has a variety of lifting engine modules with capabilities from 200 to 455 kilograms.  The ceiling-mounted rails are all modular as well, making for smooth, almost silent gliding, providing the passenger with the feeling of a safe, secure ride.
      Guldmann have a number of different slings ranging from upright walking, to sitting or full horizontal, stable lift, so that the perfect comfort and support for each individual can be found.

    • Hoists Home Care Lifter

      The lifting arm is electrically operated by a hand-held controller and the leg widening and closing by a manual foot pedal.
      Manoeuvrability is excellent with 75mm twin castors on the front and 125mm total lock castors on the rear.
      There are wide push handles that can steadily manoeuvre the 150 kilogram rated weight-carrying capacity.
      The epoxy powder-coated frame finish is very tough and the design is pleasing as well as functional for this domestic aid for partially or non-weight bearing people.

    • Hoists Joey Floor Hoist

      The Joey is a flexible hoist that lifts from the floor, bed, chair or bath with the choice of a standard or tilting frame that makes for smooth transfers to and from lying or sitting.
      The Joey Hoist is ideal for domestic or supported accommodation use and has a rated capacity of up to 175 kilograms.
      It has an additional safety feature of an automatic cut-out switch should the boom encounter any resistance.
      The U-shaped base on the Joey Hoist is electrically operated from the hand-controller and expands from 650mm out to 1070mm.
      The frame is mounted on sturdy swivelling 75mm castors with large lockable 100mm castor wheels at rear, and has an audible alarm to signal low battery charge.  The rectangular steering handle is welded to the mast and is very safe and positive, as it is a grab anywhere control for quick response.
      The whole frame construction is stainless steel with a white finish and is Australian made.
      There are a number of different slings to cater for varied lifting frame options or medical conditions.

    • Hoists Jumbuck Floor Hoist

      Yoke. For use with general purpose sling, toileting sling and 2 band sling
      Pivoting cradle frame. Facilitates transfers from lying to sitting position and back again
      Stretcher frame. For use with Jordon style stretchers (horizontal lift). Sealed webbing straps for infection control.
      Power: 24 volt rechargeable batteries
      Cradle Full Support Sling
      Divided leg sling with padded spinal support and keyhole fittings on the straps.
      Top of sling should be level with top of user’s head.
      Tested to 200kg.
      Sizes: Small, medium, large, extra large (colour coded)
      Conventional GP slings are available to fit standard yoke

    • Hoists Slings for Floor/Ceiling Hoists

      General Purpose Sling: Our General-Purpose Sling comes in six sizes and is available in either fabric or mesh in a navy-blue colour. It is recommended for general lifting and provides good support for people with upper body control.
      General Purpose Head Support Sling: This sling comes in six sizes and is available in either fabric or mesh in a navy-blue colour.  It provides excellent support for the upper body and head and is recommended for lifting from the floor and general lifting for people who are less secure in upper body control.
      Walking Sling: Our Walking Sling is a fully adjustable, fully padded sling that is ideal for rehabilitation purposes. It is easy to install on a seated person and is very comfortable, with ultra-soft, but long lasting fabric. Narrow padded straps support the person being carried through the legs with partial or complete support, allowing the person to walk securely. The Walking Sling comes in three sizes and is easy to care for and is machine washable.

    Showing all 7 results