5 Adapted Sports to keep you healthy in Melbourne!

Inspired by our clients and employees, the first post on our Blog could not address anything other than SPORTS!

Globally known as an inclusion tool, sports bring countless benefits to physical and mental health.  It is the ideal gateway to socialize, motivate, reduce anxiety and stress.

There are dozens of wheelchair sports that people can play: wheelchair AFL, para-badminton, wheelchair basketball, tennis, rugby and handball just to name a few.  All these adapted sports can be played not only as a therapeutic objective, but also as a recreational or competitive purpose.

Some people will try a few sports before deciding on the sport that they enjoy best!!



The Sydney Paralympic Games in 2000 marked the beginning of this sporting activity as a Paralympic activity and since then its popularity has grown and grown. There is no doubt that rugby is the toughest sports on wheels. This heavy contact sport combines elements of hockey, basketball and volleyball.

A volleyball ball is used because it is lightweight and players can pass the ball forward, backwards or side to side. The game is played on a basketball court with a goal line and the aim is to score goals by crossing the opposition’s goal line with the ball in their possession. Teams are mixed and fun is guaranteed.


Where to Play:

Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre – Kew;

Caroline Springs Leisure Centre – Caroline Springs.

Upcoming Events:

August, 05-10th, 2018: IWRF Wheelchair Rugby World Championship at the Sydney Olympic Park Complex, where the world’s top 12 teams will be playing to defend the world title.


Wheelchair basketball made its debut in the first Paralympic Games, held in 1960 (Rome), and is one of the few sports that has been featured at ALL Paralympic Games since 1960,

The rules of the game remain the same as regular basketball with the exception of traveling regulations. The playing court dimensions remain 28m x 15m and the height of the basket ring is equal to the traditional basketball ring height, 3.05 meters. Whenever possible the chairs are tailor made, taking into consideration the physical limitations and characteristics of each player.


Where to play:

Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre, MSAC – Albert Park.

Mornington District Basketball Association – Mornington Peninsula.

Kilsyth Basketball Stadium – Kilsyth

Upcoming Event:

September 29th, 2017| 09:00AM: Wheelchairs Sports Open Day at Darebin Community Sports Stadium, where different players will have fun together.



Wheelchair Handball is not a famous para-sport in Australia yet, but has been growing internationally since 2005 and gaining space in Melbourne spheres since 2014.

The sport is a combination between soccer, water polo and basketball. It’s played with teams of seven players in a 40 x 20 meter court. The winning team is the one with the highest number of goals at the end of the game.


Where to play:

Darebin Community Sports Stadium – Darebin.

Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre – Kew.

Lyndale Secondary College – Dandenong North

Upcoming Event:

September 29th, 2017| 09:00AM: Wheelchairs Sports Open Day at Darebin Community Sports Stadium, where different players will have fun together.



With the inclusion of Para-badminton in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, the popularity of the sport has grown considerably.

Played on a rectangular court separated by a net with a shuttle, the aim of para-badminton is to, using a racquet, pass the shuttle from one side of the net to the opposing team. It is a sport that explores speed changes, reaction time demands, muscular strength and endurance challenges.



Where to play:

Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre, MSAC – Albert Park.

Altona Badminton Centre – Altona.


Wheelchair Tennis first appeared at the 1992 Paralympics in Barcelona and remains to be one of the most popular sports for people using wheelchairs.

The game is played the same way as regular tennis, the net height, court size and scoring is the same, the only difference is a special adaptable wheelchair and the ball may bounce up to two times. Players have the option to play singles and doubles.


Where to play:

Hume Tennis and Community Centre’s, Wheelchair Tennis Hub – Craigieburn.

Tennis World – Melbourne Park.

Upcoming Event:

November, 17 – 19th, 2017 | 11:00AM: Australian Wheelchair National Tennis Championships at National Tennis Centre – Melbourne Park.




Para surfing is certainly becoming very popular, surfing can be an individual sport and or with friends. Para surfing is often used with an adapted surfboard, however, can also be enjoyed with standard surf boards, enabling wheelchair users to enjoy the sport as a leisure activity.


Where to find:

Point Leo Beach – Mornington Peninsula.

For more information and availability, check here: https://goo.gl/7CWs8b

Surf Beach – Ocean Grove.

For more information and availability, check here: https://goo.gl/LHChNU


Summer and nice weather is just around the corner, so, it’s time to try a sport or leisure activity, we look forward to seeing you at the beach, on the tennis, basketball, rugby or badminton court.

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