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    Wheelchair Spring Service Sale.

    With Winter behind us, why not give your wheelchair a spring clean with 15% off wheelchair service and maintenance till September 30.

    Till the end of the month we’re also offering 15% off a range of accessories to get you ready for the holidays.

    Call 13000 11000 to book your next service today.

    Accessories Include.

    • Portable Air Compressor
    • Gloves
    • Portable Hand Controls
    • Drink Bottle Holders
    • Under Chair Bags
    • Under Chair Nets
    • Back Packs
    • Spill Proof Thermos
    • Luggage Carriers
    • Extended Wheel Plates
    • Transport Loops
    • Bag Hooks
    • Crutch/Walking Stick Holders
    • Neoprene Frame Guards
    • Swing Away Lateral Supports
    • Headrests
    • Seat Board Pommel
    • Hip Pads
    • Taddy Cups
    • Spreader Bars

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